The Process: Made in Toronto

This video was created to give viewers an inside look at Outclass's manufacturing process. We maintain very close, longstanding relationships with our manufacturers, who take great pride in the quality and durability of the garments they produce. Here's an opportunity to see inside the various factories we work with, and view the craftsmen doing what they do best - creating quality products that are built to last. The manufacturing processes in this video are shown in parallel with creative Torontonians wearing Outclass clothing. At Outclass, we strive to produce garments that can withstand tough conditions, whether it be trekking through the brush, working on a large-scale canvas, or running a fast-paced restaurant. Ultimately through this video, we aim to show from garment manufacturer to customer - in both cases, creative individuals who take pride in their craft.

Directed and co-edited by: Kit Weyman ( )
Shot and co-edited by: Callum Gillies ( )

Featuring artist Virgil Baruchel ( ), chef Vittorio Colacitti ( ) and photographer Chris Aznar ( )
Music: Tails - Roll Out ( @tailsxbeats )

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