Made in Canada Matters

This year Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, and to commemorate this milestone, we’ve decided to share a little bit of why Made in Canada manufacturing is so important to us.

Once upon a time, Canada had a thriving garment industry with expertise in denim, knitwear, fur coats and leather goods. Some of the most discriminating brands across North America produced their garments in Canada because of the reputation that these factories had for manufacturing high quality and durable products. 

The shift to overseas manufacturing hit its climax in the 90's, and by 1997 clothing importation almost doubled to $4 billion a year in Canada. This sudden change left manufacturers without work, which ultimately led to many of them closing down.

Fast-forward to the present day, the factory owners that managed to survive the industry-wide changes are thriving. They continue to produce a quality driven product that stands the test of time.

Local production has always been a driving force behind our brand’s ethos. This is the history that stands behind our brand and that also directs our future. We feel it is our responsibility to continue to help preserve the garment industry in Canada for generations to come. 

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