Creative Spotlight: Conor from Sugo

Meet Conor, co-owner and operator of Sugo, an Italian-American inspired restaurant in the heart of Bloordale Village. We had the pleasure of sitting down with him to uncover the roots of his inspiration, the hurdles he's faced, and his advice for those aspiring to tread the entrepreneurial path. 

Navigating Challenges:
Conor's journey stemmed from years of working for others. His desire to carve his own future, fuelled by his love for food, led him to the creation of Sugo. Being an entrepreneur is not smooth sailing, and Conor highlights adaptability as crucial. From the hurdles of the pandemic to the ongoing pursuit of work-life balance, each obstacle demands a solution. His advice? Surround yourself with a supportive team, akin to a second family, to weather the storm and celebrate the triumphs together. 

Words of Wisdom:
For aspiring entrepreneurs, Conor emphasizes the value of embracing repetition as a path to mastery. On the other side of the coin, he underscores the importance of flexibility, being able to pivot and evolve in the ever-shifting business landscape. 

Toronto: A Culinary Melting Pot:
What Conor loves most about Toronto is its diverse food scene. Strolling down one block, you can encounter an African, Japanese, Latin and Italian restaurant - a reflection of our city's multicultural identity. Moreover, there are a flood of new restaurants run by young and ambitious chefs, alongside enduring institutions that have become staples in Toronto's food landscape - a true fusion of innovation and tradition. 

Personal Style: Comfort Meets Quality:
Conor's personal style is a mix of comfort and durability. With a schedule dominated by work and training, he seeks durable clothing that seamlessly transitions through each facet of his life. In this look, Conor sports the Navy Ripstop Zip-Up Overshirt, Navy Camp Pant and Black Leather Belt



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