Creative Spotlight - David from Promise Supply Plant Shop

Welcome to the fourth installment of our Creative Spotlight series. This week we feature David King, owner and operator of Promise Supply Plant Shop on Dundas West and Promise Gardens in Parkdale, Toronto. 

Beginnings with plants:
David's journey with plants began in his first apartment, where he used greenery to decorate and bring life to his space. This sparked a passion that would later define his career. He initially ran a multi-brand store, and during the pandemic, he noticed a growing interest in the plants on the walls of his shop. This unexpected interest led him to launch a plant-focused website, which quickly gained popularity. Building on this success, David opened a garden centre last year, turning his passion into a thriving business.

Retail insights:
David understands the importance of retail for connecting with customers. With a retail space, he gets direct feedback from customers, helping him learn about new plants, understand customer preferences, and tailor his offerings accordingly. This direct interaction strengthens community bonds. Additionally, having a physical space allows him to host events, bringing people together to create memorable experiences beyond selling plants.

Why he loves Toronto:
David loves Toronto for its perfect balance - offering the vibrancy of a big city without being overwhelming. The city's tight-knit community has allowed him to forge valuable connections over the years, helping his business thrive. 

David King's story is a testament to passion and community. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories in our Creative Spotlight series. 



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