Creative Spotlight: Chris Aznar

Meet Chris Aznar, the Creative Director and Photographer at Via Cavour. His journey from rehabilitation therapy to creative direction speaks volumes about seizing opportunities. 

Navigating Unexpected Paths:
"Inspiration comes when we are open to it," Chris reflects, underlying his belief in the importance of receptivity to life's unexpected moments. Having owned his practice in rehabilitation therapy, Chris found himself with freedom that allowed him to explore his growing passion for photography. It was during this time that he began to immerse himself in the world of fashion photography, a journey that ultimately led him to Via Cavour.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Listen to yourself," emphasizing the value of genuine passion and staying true to one's instincts.

Style and Self-Expression:
Chris' unique perspective on style is characterized by self-awareness. For him, true style emerges from self-discovery. In this look, Chris is sporting the Navy Camp Pant, The Daisy Jacquard Chore Coat and the Indigo Paisley S/S Shirt. 

In Chris Aznar's journey, we find a narrative of resilience and unwavering commitment—an inspiration for those who dare to embrace life's twists with sincerity.



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