AW20 Look Book: A Closer Look

The Autumn/Winter 2020 Look Book was shot by the talented @brodywhite featuring @gatkong at Wallace Emerson Community Centre in Toronto's west end. This location was selected for its unique architectural design and glaring grey facade that serves as the perfect canvas for the collection.

The building was designed by Matsui Baer Vanstone Freeman Architects and won the Governor General's Medal for Architecture in 1982. The surrounding property is currently being demolished and redeveloped, with the community centre soon to follow. As a result, this was one of the last opportunities to highlight the structure along side a collection.

One of the signature colours carried through the collection is a deep maroon. It is featured in our garment dyed bottoms, flannel shirting, and french terry athletic wear (coming soon). Maroon is a great way to introduce a subtle addition of colour during a season that is primarily black and grey.

Warm neutrals, including camel, hazel and off-white run deep throughout the collection, particularly in the knitwear and outerwear categories. These light tones pair perfectly with darker shades, and bring an overall sense of warmth to the collection. 


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